We heard Tater Tot's story and wanted to help.

We partnered with Villalobos to develop an exciting new product!

$1 of every package goes directly towards veterinary expenses for Villalobos rescues. Donate Now.

Meet Tater Tot.

Tater Tot is a rescue Pit Bull from Villalobos Rescue Center and the brand ambassador featured on Tater’s Sweet Potato TotsTM by Treatibles. You may recognize Tater and the Villalobos Rescue Center from a popular show about dog and human rehabilitation airing on a well-respected animal-focused television network. Tater Tot’s story began in 2010 when a Good Samaritan found him running the streets of Los Angeles. He was taken to Villalobos, which at the time was located in L.A.

Love at first sight.

It was love at first sight for Mariah, one of the family members running the rescue. She adopted him immediately. She knew he had physical and mental pain, which is believed to be a result of unethical breeding, and she was determined to help ease both.

Helping foster puppies.

When Villalobos relocated to New Orleans, Tater was right there, every step of the way, helping both the humans and the rescue dogs feel at home. It was soon discovered that Tater had a special gift of helping foster puppies adjust to a new life. He also showed a love for the open road. For seven years and counting, he and his mom, Mariah have been traveling the country, delivering rescue dogs to their forever homes.

Managing Tater Tot’s pain had been a continual challenge until Mariah found Treatibles.

Treatibles worked.

Although Tater lives a happy, exciting, fulfilling life, managing his pain had been a continual challenge. His weekly acupuncture treatments for spinal issues helped to a certain degree, however he was still dealing with obvious physical pain and exhibiting some obsessive behaviors. “No matter how many road trips or walks, he couldn’t seem to find peace,” said Mariah. That was when she discovered Treatibles. The phytocannabinoid rich chews had an almost immediate effect on his physical and mental health.

“Treatibles changed Tater’s life for the better. Physically, he can now enjoy his workday with much less pain. And his obsessive behavior has subsided tremendously. He even sleeps peacefully through the night.”

When Mariah shared Tater’s story with Treatibles, we were inspired to do something to help. So we created a chew in Tater Tot’s honor to benefit the dogs of the rescue. We called it Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots. $1 of every Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots package sold will go directly toward veterinary care for the Villalobos rescues, an expense which can exceed $500,000 annually.