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Chuck on a leashMy 10-year-old husky/shepherd/lab mix Chuck is my faithful companion wherever I go. If dogs are allowed, she comes with me! As she aged and osteoarthritis took hold in her back, the walk became harder for her, and her limp became more pronounced. Soon I could only take her on one or two long walks a week, as the activity took its toll on her back and she needed longer to recover. I put her an Tramadol and Rimadyl per my vet, who told me the medicine would me her like a new dog! While she seemed to enjoy her Rimadyl biscuit every night, it didn't add much of a spring to her step, and we discontinued after two weeks of use.Chuck got significantly, quantifiably better from using Treatibles. It took about three days of feeding her 2-3 doses/day to see the full effect, but she did get noticeably more comfortable on the first day of feeding them to her. Before CBD, she limped and couldn't enjoy longer walks, though she clearly had the desire for them. Once she started taking them, she could leap around again! She started doing her play bows again, and wanting to play! She chased squirrels and pranced around the park! THIS was the new dog I'd been told I'd see! We ran out of the treats a few times, and sure enough, she reverted right back to a pained limp and had trouble getting up and down stairs unassisted. When Chuck was later diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), I was doubly thankful for the CBD treats. She has been on 4-6 doses a day since she had her leg amputated. She is tolerating chemo well, and still has all the energy of a much younger dog. These are NECESSARY MEDICINE for her! She's not high or out of it, she's not panting or in pain, she is energized and well enough to gallop to the park on three legs! Her chemo treatments are much easier for her. If you have an elderly dog going through either arthritis or cancer, I cannot recommend these treats enough. You will see a BIG difference. Like night and day. They've given Chuck a new lease on life for the time she has left, and I am so thankful and grateful that they are even around. Thank you Treatibles!!!!
- Valerie Farabee"


Samantha in the grass"Hi Treatibles folks! And actually, I'm always praising Treatibles to my vet, groomer, family, friends, and pretty much anybody I see with a dog. I even keep empty bags and give them out at dog parks and everywhere else. I am obviously extremely pleased with your product, and I only hope my testimony will do it justice. I have an 16 year old Rott cross by the name of Samantha, and she has been on Treatibles for about a year and a half. Before that, Sammy always freaked out during thunderstorms or fireworks but now she hardly notices them. She was also having age related issues such as osteoarthritis, inflammation, etc and the Treatibles have greatly eased her pain, increased her appetite and even helped with depression. I cannot speak highly enough of this product! Once again, I love, love, love your product and all that it does for my Sammy. Thanks again,
Mike O'Neil ( Sammy too!)"


Bernie at home in Tampa "Just after Bernie's first birthday, he had his first grand mal seizure and was soon diagnosed with epilepsy. After visits with several vets and specialists, we hesitantly put him on the recommended potassium bromide. Changes in his behavior and a lack of improvement in his condition quickly led us to seek out other options. In researching CBD for pets, we came across Treatibles and a few other companies. After trying out a few options, and even having products lab tested, we quickly came to the conclusion that Treatibles had the best product on the market. The customer service team helped us in figuring out his required dosage and answered all of our questions. Their professionalism, care, and knowledge assured us we came to the right place. A year later, Bernie's condition has greatly improved. He's back to his normal self and his seizures are now few and far between, and noticeably less severe. Seeing the improvement in his quality of life makes us and our sweet Bernie extremely thankful for the team at Treatibles!
- Anthony and Katie Georgiadis"

The Rabbits

The Rabbits on a green rug "I have a pair of rabbits that have been a challenge to bond (meaning, getting them to live together without fussing with each other). It is useful to offer the pair a tasty snack while trying to bond them, but so far no snack has proven tasty enough to preclude them from trying to pick a fight with each other! I have been rationing out the Treatibles to them, and today's supervised bonding session is the very first one (since the bonding process began 7 weeks ago) wherein they happily ate their snacks and did NOT start poking each other in the ribs and trying to start a fight! The kitchen rabbits are doing SO WELL since I began the Treatibles. I realize it is anecdotal evidence, but I really do believe it is the Treatibles. Thanks!
-Phyllis O'Beollain"


Zoe on her bed! "I am so happy to have discovered Treatibles! My 16 year old chihuahua, Zoe has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and Congestive Heart Failure among many health problems. Despite being on several medications, she was still experiencing debilitating symptoms including cognitive impairment, pain, coughing, and exhaustion. Desperate to try and help her, I decided to try Treatibles. I am happy to report that Zoe has been eating them for about three weeks has has shown great improvement. Her cognitive symptoms have lessened, she appears to be in much less pain, her coughing has been greatly reduced and she is more energetic. She also stopped her repetitive circling which has brought us all great relief. I am very grateful for the health improvements she has experienced so far. Treatibles have mad a huge difference for her. While I realize there is no cure for Zoe's ailments, Treatibles are helping her have the best quality of life she can. It is so amazing to see her happy again. Thank you Treatibles!
-Nicole Rycroft, Santa Monica, CA"

Beowulf and Ilsa

Beowulf and Ilsa sitting down "Thank you so much for creating Treaitbles! We've tried all kinds of anti-anxiety meds for separation anxiety and for storms and fireworks, but nothing has worked like this. We're your biggest, furriest fans! Beowulf and Ilsa the Imp.
-Kristin Fox"


Sadie waiting for a Treatible! "Hi there. A couple weeks ago I purchased a bag of treatibles for my dog's intermittent hip pain. The first day, I gave her 2 (she weighs 44 lbs) to see if she'd like them. She's very fussy. She enjoyed them and wanted more. Her demeanor was much better. Tail wagging and visiting with customers more. I own a pet shoppe in Fortuna. A few days later, her hip was hurting and she couldn't jump on the bed. I gave her 4. After a half hour or so, she was much better. The effects lasted the whole day. Last night was the fourth of July, and she always stress out all night long. She paces and pants even after the noise stops. I have given her meds before, but they made her dopey while still being stressed and pacing the night. I thought about the treats and gave her four. Within the hour, I checked on her. And she was sound asleep on mom's bed. What a relief for all of us! Thank you so much for a wonderful product that has provided my pooch with a solution to years of pain and stress. I am recommending your treat to my customers, with the hopes that they will enjoy the benefits of your treatibles as we have.Thank you again for increasing our quality of life, especially my dog's. Here is a photo of Sadie. We have been experiencing thunderstorms around here for the past few days. She usually stresses severely during this time. That picture was taken during the storm, and you can see that she is relaxed, and definitely not stressed. Thank you so much! Sincerely,
Nancy Gilmore and Sadie, Fortuna Pet Shoppe"

Waggin' Tails Pet Shop

Waggin Tails CA "Hi! I own a pet store in Big Bear, CA (Waggin' Tails) and purchased 40 bags of the Treatibles approximately a month ago. I just wanted you to know how well they have been selling! Customers are excited to see a product like yours in a local pet supply store! I've over half of the 40 bags. We really haven't done any advertising just "word of mouth" we've had repeat customers back buying 2 bags instead of one! In one instance a dog with digestive issues and hasn't eating in days has regained an appetite! Also, with the open bag we've used samples to prove to the customers that even the pickiest dog will like the biscuit! We look forward to doing more business with you! Thanks for your product!!
-Jeff @ Waggin' Tails of Big Bear, CA"


Falkor wild and free! “Great news!!!!.... Falkor LOVES the Treatibles, and they are actually helping with his separation anxiety and just general anxiety all around!! He has also been benefited by the blueberry & pumpkin natural anti-inflammatory features; he lives with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, normally goes “potty” twice a day with occasional accidents are in the house, well let’s just say I now have to carry at least 2 bags on all walks!! His Bowles seem to be less aggravated and he can go easier with less cramping!! And the anxiety... He has lessened the amount he chews the fur on his arms and chest!!! I am so sincerely GRATEFUL for you, your customer service, willingness to ship samples, the phone call that allowed me to “vent”, and finally; TREATIBLES!!! I will forever be thankful for stumbling across your product, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Hugs and doggy kisses,
Chelsea & Falkor"


Happy “I got a sample from you all and tested them on my anxious, car-sick young rescue. They are fantastic- he is no able to ride in a crate in our van in a relaxed state without vomiting. I was just about to order more. Nothing else has worked for my boy Happy (including prescription meds). Thanks so much!”
-Kathy Glaes


Macy “This is Macy - our beloved rescue Chihuahua/terrier mutt. She is 4 years old and started having seizures 4 months ago. We took her to our vet and she told us there was not much we could do other than to give her valium suppositories when we see a seizure start. That seemed awful to us because she became so terrified at the start of every seizure - we didn’t want to have to wait to see a seizure! We wanted them to stop! We were lucky enough to run across an article online about CBD treating children with epilepsy and decided to investigate. We soon found stories of Treatibles and decided to give Treatibles a try. Within a few days Macy seemed so much better. So much more alert and happy. And the best part: NO MORE SEIZURES! For over a month now she has been completely seizure free and we are so grateful! Thank-you so much for saving our beloved friend and family member, Macy!”
-Lu & Macy


 Gypsy laying in bed"Gypsy is my 15-year-old lab mix. I rescued her in 2002 after finding her walking the streets of downtown Indianapolis. She was hit by a car in her youth and has a metal plate implanted in her hip. As she's aged, arthritis kicked in and has been getting worse over the last year. At times she couldn't even jump on to the couch without yelping in pain. She's been prescribed Tramadol for the pain, but refuses to take it. I've tried burying it in all her favorite foods... cheese, peanut butter, regular butter (not kidding...she loves it), treats, you name it. She refuses the treat the instant she smells the medicine. Then I discovered Treatibles. The difference is night and day. After seeing Gypsy recently, my mother, who is hardly a proponent of legalization of cannabis, excitedly told me that "anyone who doesn't believe that cannabis can help people should see Gypsy. She acts like a puppy again!" And that much is true. She runs at full-tilt through the house every morning and evening. The playtime that had all but disappeared now occurs several times a day. She's even gotten her tennis balls back out for the first time in years. I really can't explain how much Treatibles have improved her quality of life. I know that she won't be with me for much longer and I'm glad that her last years will be full of life -- with the same energy and excitement that she had when I first found her on the street in 2002. Thank you so much for helping her! She means the world to me. I'm glad I finally found something that can ease the pain in her hip. Thanks,
Ed Rudisell"


Angel in the living room "My 14 year old pit bull Angel has been on Treatibles 2xs day to treat severe arthritis pain. She is taking the treatibles in conjunction with prednisone every other day but it wasn't until I began the daily treatibles that I noticed she had less less pain and no longer had to do the arthritis spin around dance to find a comfy way to sit! Your products are a Godsend as I hated to see my baby in pain and now that has been eradicated with your phenomenal product!! Thank you treatibles for turning back the clock and enhancing my 14 year old babies quality of life! In deep gratitude,
George Stellakis"


Scooby loves his Treatibles "My name's Peter Giles and my dogs and I live in Venice, CA. My big rescue Scooby is 11 and about 105 lbs. He has arthritis in both his back hips and a heavy limp in his front right and can really struggle to get out of bed. My vet says his range of motion will continue to diminish as he gets older. I give him the anti-inflammatory prescription pill rimadyl but it's expensive and disconcerting because any regular use of something like that can create organ issues. I have tried different cannabidoil products in the past but have had to conceal them in ground beef etc because Scoob is a picky eater. I overheard a guy in a pet food store singing the praises of Treatibles and did some research online. Scooby greedily eats his Treatibles and I really notice a change in him after he does. I can see how he staggers with much less hesitation as I believe any pain he has is severely dissipated by the Treatibles. For extended periods of time after walks he stretches out on the cool floor, wagging his tongue out. Happy boy. I'm super grateful to have found something that seems to give him so much relief while also being something he truly adores! Thanks so much,
Peter Giles."


Katie in the car "Dear Treatibles Kitchen, I wanted to thank you for sending Katie and I our first bag of Treatibles. She loves them and I see a great improvement in her appetite and just a spunk that makes me feel she is feeling better. But having the appetite is such a great improvement over how she was prior to this medicine. You see, Katie had a mass on one of her nipples a few moths back,and when it started to grow we had her operated on to remove this as she was licking it and it was not looking good. After the surgery, it took a few days to get results back to sadly find out our beautiful dog had Cancer. Three weeks ago we started her on Chemo, after the first round Katie started to loose her appetite and I kept trying all different kinds of food that just were not working. I ordered a bag of your product and the minute I showed it to Katie she ate it up. I gave her two and within an hour or so she seemed to have a bit more energy, and when I offered her food she ate it. It has been about a week now and we have finished our first bag. our next order will arrive tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough!
- Tim Hammond"


Fred at the counter "Fred has had a large Treatible every morning for the last couple months. He's been going to work with my boyfriend Andrew most work-days where he spends most of this time in the back room playing with toys and interacting with employees, but not spending much time on the sales floor. I stopped bringing any of my dogs to work years ago because I found them to be such a distraction for me, So our bag of Treatibles ran out 2 days ago and today I started getting text messages around 2:30, while I was at work, that Fred wouldn't stop whining, and barking and that a neighbor had even complained about the noise and could I come pick him up? When I got there Fred was panting, his eyes were red and I could tell he was stressed. I drove back to the work and pretty much just crossed my fingers that Fred would relax and not slow me down too much. First thing through the door I have him 2 Treatibles and kept him with me on the sales floor. Sure enough- within 20 minutes he was calm as could be; friendly with dogs and humans alike and offering big googly doe-eyes to anyone he thought might have a snack for him. I've heard many customers say 'game-changer' and I just want to say- for the first time I might be able to bring my dog, one of the biggest joys of my life, to work with me and I have a lot of the credit to Treatibles. I'm so happy to be just a very small part of this and to be able to share such a great product with others. Cheers and thanks,
-Dianne@ Holistic Hound Berkeley CA"


Chole and her bag of Treatibles "I wanted you to know that Chloe absolutely loves having her Treatibles three times a day. She's actually off her medication (mirtazapine) to stimulate appetite since she started the treats- she just doesn't need it anymore. Yesterday, she ate breakfast for the first time in 4 months - she'd become a once-a-day-eater since she became ill. We notice such a difference in a very short time in Chloe's overall demeanor. I can't tell you how thrilled we are that Chloe is doing so well and how grateful we are to have such a wonderful product at our disposal. I feel certain that Chloe will be enjoying Treatibles for the remainder of her days. We really appreciate you! All best,
The Conigliaro-O'Brien Family"


Teva on the sidewalk looking sweet I am continually astounded by how Treatibles have helped my dog Teva. And the reason I know they have is that there is nothing else that I have added to her routine other than these treats. Teva has a few things going on. There are three major ones. She has a compressed disc in her neck, affecting only the motor nerve so she is not in pain. But her front legs collapsed when she walked, causing her face to smash to the ground, cutting her nose and bruising her front paws. It started happening so often that I rarely allowed her to walk outside. I started giving her Treatibles, but I only gave her a very tiny bit in the beginning. But I saw a difference within 2 days, so I started giving her the recommended dose after that. She not only fell less and less, but was walking faster. She is 13 1/2 and she walks a mile, sometimes more, every day! She almost never falls anymore. The second issue is cancer. She had a tumor in her mouth removed in March, but the cancer had already spread to her lungs. Eight months later and it has not grown back in her mouth, and it must be stable or growing very slowly in her lungs because she has no symptoms that usually accompany cancer. I credit Treatibles. The third issue is Cushing’s disease. She tried the usual, most effective medication but not only didn’t it work for her, but she had horrible side effects so she couldn’t take it anymore. I was worried that she might not be able to continue using Treatibles, but then I read that CBD decreases the amount of cortisol in the body, and Cushings causes an overproduction of cortisol, so this was perfect. She now only has very minor symptoms. I have never pushed a product like I do with yours. Every time someone asks me what is going on with my dog (she has an odd gait; people have commented that it looks like she is dancing when she walks), I always tell them the reason she is even walking is because of Treatibles. Thank you for Treatibles,
Sandi Teva

Kane Xavier

Kane Xavier loves his Treatibles! “This is Kane Xavier. He was just diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago. His projected time is about 3 to 5 months. He just turned 7 in December, so this has been very tough on us. One of our friends recommended this natural remedy. I love it, he loves it, we are on our second bag, and I will do anything to make the time he has left with me comfortable and happy.”
-Elisa Allard


Lucy is so cute! “Lucy has had cancer for two years and takes her Treatibles every morning and every evening. The change when she started taking Treatibles was immediate. She’s much less anxious, paces less at night and is back to your lovely, dovey self. :) Thank you everyone there for helping out my little girl. She turns sweet sixteen next month!”
-Randy & Lucy

Marbles & Pedro

Marbles and Pedro hanging out“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you do and for making these treats. I have two Chihuahuas who are 13 and 11. One is on pain pills and one suffers because he won’t take pills. Yesterday I received these and started using them. I noticed a difference in them right away. Today my 13 year old has only had treatibles, no pain meds, and he is outside running around. He has kidney issues from the pills, and I am hoping we can say goodbye to the doggie-pharma meds and begin a healing journey. My 11 year old hasn’t been so spunky in years; I can tell he was pain free at last! I am familiar with the magic of CBD, and I am so thankful for people like you who help others and our pets.”
- Chad McClemens

Our Old Cat

Cat jumping a fence“My wife and I had tried everything to help our 18 year old cat. He had been very active jumping up an 8 foot wall and visiting our neighbors cat. He was very uncomfortable, limping in pain and crying all the time. We had tried anti inflammatory medications form the vet with minimal improvement. We read about Treatibles and gave them a try. They have really helped with his pain and anxiety. We experimented and found out he needs about 1 to 1 1/2 treats per day, crushed in his food. After a few weeks he is noticeably better. He is once again jumping up the wall and playing. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available.”
- Dave S.
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