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Beware of manufacturers of CBD Pet Chews who promise high amounts of CBD and no lab results. Cannabidiol is the main active ingredient in Treatibles, and we work hard to ensure that our products are consistent and safe for your pets!

Our product is tested for exact cannabinoid levels by CW Analytical: a third-party laboratory in Oakland, California.

Treatibles lab dogThree Types of Lab Testing

1. CW analytical cannabinoid testing facility tests for cannabinoid profiles. They test the raw material prior to us incorporating it into recipes for purity, exact cannabinoid levels, and to make sure it is free of pesticides, contaminants, and molds. They also test for exact amounts of CBD, CBN, CBG, and THC on the finished chews to determine cannabinoid levels present and ensure there is the amount of CBD we want and that there is virtually no THC.

2. We test hemp seed oil and CBD for contaminants and heavy metals in order to rule out any presence of these materials.

3. We do guaranteed analysis testing at a pet food laboratory and these results are printed on all bags.

Please click on the products below to see individual lab results for each Treatibles product and Heavy Metal tests from IEH Analytical

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