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The 2016 Treatibles Customer Survey Results

Treatibles large CBD Chews

The results of the 2016 Treatibles Customer Survey are in! Thank you to all who participated. We are very excited to share a few of our high level findings.

Our first and most exciting takeaway is that 83% of pet owners having used Treatibles CBD chews with their pets would recommend others to do the same. Not too shabby! 

Anxiety is the #1 ailment our customers’ pets are suffering from, followed by joint / bone pain and arthritis.

Treatibles customer ailments

Of all Treatibles customers surveyed, 90% have 1-2 animals in the home.

  • 99% have dogs
  • 25% have cats
  • 6% birds or rabbits

Our customers' average pet age skews older:  

Treatibles avg lifestage

In terms of how animals joined the family, the majority of customers rescued their pets. 

  • Rescue - 47%
  • Breeder - 29%

When asked about how many of our customers' pets are also using pharmaceutical drugs along with Treatibles, the trend skews to No. 

Treatibles Rx

Thanks again to all our loyal customers who participated in our survey!  



By Arnold, on

My eight year old pit bull Cali has severe anxiety when we have any type of weather (rain, wind, etc.) My daughter suggested I try the treatibles to help Cali and the results are amazing! She relaxes within thirty minutes after ingesting a treatible biscuit. Thank you! Arnold

By Treatibles Team, on

Hi JJackson, The dosage we recommend usually lasts for about 4 hours. We recommend observing your pet closely to see how they are reacting to the CBD and re-administer as you see fit. If they are really suffering, and you are seeing positive results from Treatibles, you can re-administer every 4-5 hours or increase the dosage. Thank you.

By JJackson, on

Hi – how often is it safe to give your dog the recommended dose? How long do the affects last? Would it be every 6-8 hrs? Or only once a day?

By Anjuli , on

I just ordered a bag to try these out on my old man pup, half border collie half retriever, he has had major anxiety since my mom (who was his companion for a long time) passed away almost 3 years ago, and has chewed the hair from the neck down, off. He literally looks like half a possum. Really hoping this will chill him out and be more relaxed and let his darn hair grow in! He’s gone through 6 comfy cones and 3 blow up donuts that just go around his neck to keep from biting. He’s also recently gotten a boo boo on one of his toes, that causes him to limp all over, so I’m hoping this helps with some pain relief. I don’t want to give him chemicals, so really looking forward to serving him these goodies!

By Treatibles Team, on

Hi Kim,

Thanks for commenting on our blog. In response to your question, all our products are made in Oakland, CA. In terms of the ingredients, we have 2 flavors, their ingredients are listed on our ingredients page (

All our products are gluten free, non-GMO, and vegan. Some ingredients are organic, but not all. We are organic certified in California. The non-psychoactive cannabinoids used in our proprietary formula are sourced from hemp grown in Colorado.

Please let us know if I can answer any more questions. Thank you.

By Kim cooper, on

Hi! Considering ordering treatibles for anxiety in my pets. My question is where are these made and where do the ingredients come from?

By Treatibles Team, on

Hi Mike,

Please see our response to Tamra. Thank you.

By Treatibles Team, on

Hello Tamra, Thanks so much for getting in touch via the Treatibles blog. We have heard several customers who have used our chews with their animals who are experiencing seizures and have reported success. From what we have seen, CBD seems to promote balance in the whole animal in a holistic way. For that reason, we suggest giving them to your pet and seeing how they react.

By Tamra, on

I have 2 labs and about 2 years ago our male was hit and Drug by a car. Since then he has been having periodic seizures they have lasted up to an hour one after the other and the other day my female had a seizure for the first time I’m wondering and hoping that your product could help us do you know of any other dog owners that they have helped in slowing down there seizures I would like to hear about it I’ll look forward to hearing from you thank you

By Leslie, on

Catie, I am so sorry to hear that your dog has DM. One of our German Shepherds had Degenerative Myelopathy and it was devastating for him and our entire family. CBDs weren’t well known back then, but I can say that if we were faced with it now, I would try Treatibles as soon as I could. “Endocannabinoids and cannabinoids are also found at the intersection of the body’s various systems, allowing communication and coordination between different cell types.” This can help with the nervous system, balance issues, and can boost the immune system—all parts of DM. Here is the thing—-it certainly can’t hurt to try CBD and it might help a whole lot. We have tried several other brands with no effect whatsoever. I HIGHLY recommend Treatibles as they are the only brand where you know exactly how much CBD you are giving your pet. My ancient dog is on a daily regimen, and it has changed his life. Good luck with your sweet Boxer.

By mike, on

Can this product help possible dog sezieres? Please help!

By Catie, on

Question…my 8 yr. old male Boxer is suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy… he is about 7 months into his diagnosis. There is no medication or surgery to help him…he isn’t in any pain, but could the Treatibles help in any way? He is currently receiving water therapy, but I am looking for anything else that will help prolong his life. We live in Colorado so maybe this type of medication/supplement is more readily available? Any input would be appreciated.

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