National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is real  and it is taking place on January 22

Will you be taking part in National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day on January 22, 2018? If so, we thought it might be helpful to explain how to interpret your kitty’s answers.

Cats are excellent communicators. Understanding their verbal cues can further strengthen the special bond you share.


Kittens use a soft ‘mew’ sound to let their mama know that they need attention. Adult cats rarely meow to each other as a form of communication (they will, however, hiss or growl at cats they perceive as a threat).

Felines are very clever. They realized early on in their relationship with humans that meowing was a very effective way to let us know that they wanted or needed something from us. This instinct is present in our own cats who through observation, determine which meows cause the most immediate and accurate response.

Here are some universal meows and what they mean:

  • One short meow - a quick greeting. Think of this as a cat asking, “How was your day?” or “Are you going to pet me now?”
  • Several meows grouped together - really happy you are home, I have many questions about where you have been.
  • Medium pitch meow - are you going to feed me, or what? You may just need to answer with a plateful of food
  • Long meeooowwww - lets you know that there is an immediate need for something, like food, and that you have upset his schedule. So if you arrive home late and your kitty asks where you’ve been with this sound, you are in trouble.
  • Low pitch meow - a snarky question; give a snarky answer.

Over time we all learn to understand what our cats are asking. Does your cat have a special way of asking you questions?



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