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Mashable covers Treatibles CBD Chews

treatibles in mashable

As tech website Mashable recently declared, cannabis isn't just for humans anymore. 

"A growing industry of medical marijuana products is targeting our furry friends too. Edibles, oils and tinctures with an extract of cannabis, called cannabidiol, or CBD, are helping older, weak, injured, and sick pets deal with pain and other ailments." 

As our founder and CEO astutely states in the article, "your pet isn't getting high," a conversation she, and our support staff, have with customers every day.

The article also covers a great story from a vet technician, whose 15-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, suffers from arthritis.

"She now gives him cannabis oil, which she says has improved his mobility... 'He can make it around the block, while before he was spent after half a block,' she said. 'I call that a win.'"

Read the full story on Mashable


By Treatibles Team, on

Hi Chris,

The CBD chews will not make her drowsy or lackadaisical. As for the nervous/anxiety issues, we have had many customers who have used Treatibles for this reason and reported success. We suggest giving Treatibles a try and let us know how things go. Thank you.

By Treatibles Team, on

Hi Valerie,

Thanks so much for getting in touch via the Treatibles blog. We have heard several customers who have used our chews with their animals who are experiencing allergies and have reported success. That said, we are not vets and not familiar with those liver enzyme statistics – you may want to consult a vet on that topic. Thank you.

By Chris, on

I have a dog and she is a nine year old pitt mix who has always suffered from very high anxiety. I got her as a puppy and her mom neglected her so she’s always suffered from submissive urination. As of recently she is getting much worse and it’s to the point where she doesn’t even want to go outside anymore, but with that every time I try to go take her out she just peas once I do get her out everything that she was holding in she finally gets to release so she urinates at least three times and defecates 2 to 4 times. I don’t want to get Prozac or anything like that because I’ve always been more of a naturalistic individual myself so I looked in the CBD treatments, but my question is, will these treats help her anxiety as she isn’t in any pain? Also, if she does start taking the treats will it make her drowsy Or lackadaisical?

Thank you.

By Valerie Blasi , on

My dog has had allergy problems. He is a 20pd havanese. We put him on apoquel a new drug almost two years ago and when we put our dog on this drug a year later his liver enzymes went from 120 to 220. Do you think your product will help?

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