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L.A. Daily News and The Ledger Cover Treatibles Success Stories

Treatibles CBD treats
The Los Angeles Daily News and The Ledger have both covered Treatibles and success stories surrounding the CBD chews. 

"More and more pet owners are turning to cannabis-based products to help their animals with anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer and other ailments," the LA Daily News reads.

"A pioneer in the cannabis pet market is Auntie Dolores, which began by making edibles for people. In 2013, it launched Treatibles, blueberry- and pumpkin-flavored hemp chews shaped like dog bones that are sold in pet stores, dispensaries and online."

The article also quotes Treatibles CEO and Founder, Julianna Carella. 

“We have people using it (on their pets) for separation anxiety, or when they’re going to the vet or groomer,” Carella said. “We’ve also heard from pet owners who used the product in the last weeks and months of their animal’s life that they were much more comfortable and in less pain.”

Great stories from both customers and vets alike! Read the full original articles at Los Angeles Daily News and on The Ledger


By Treatibles Team, on

Thanks for getting in touch with Treatibles via our blog.

Julie – best of luck with our CBD Chews.

Kitt, Iris, Evelyn – In response to your concerns:

Many of our customers have reported success when using Treatibles with pets experiencing anxiety and seizures. We suggest you give Treatibles chews or CBD drops a try. Here is we recommend for dosage:

We suggest 1mg per every 10lb dog weight.
Small chews contain contain 1 mg. per Treatible.
Large chews contain 2.5 mg. per Treatible.

And the dosage for the CBD Dropper Bottle is 1 drop from the dropper bottle per pound of pet weight. More info can be found on the CBD Dropper Bottle page.

Thank you.

By Julie hartley, on

My 6yr old female Pit Bull gets anxiety really bad. For the life of me I cant figure out what triggers this in her. I feel bad for her . I am curious to see if cbd could help her.

By Kitt McNamee, on

I’m looking at trying this for my dog, Sam. He’s had seizures before, but they’re occurring more frequently. My Vet said they can give him anti seizure meds after doing an expensive test. Worst part is that she said his personality will change. I’d like to try this first. He’s about 20-25lbs spaniel/pug mix. I’d like to try this first, but like IRIS above, I’m unsure on what the dosage should be. What are your thoughts before I purchase?

By Iris, on

Our 4.5 lb chihuahua seizures have increased in frequency, I hate giving her phenobarbetal. Going to try Treatibles but wondering what proper dose should be. Also, have you or a tjord party documented epileptic dogs using treatibles? Thanks

By Evelyn, on

I’m trying treatables for my 12 1/2 yr old
Brusses Griffon who has had anxiety issues for most of her life. she is a
very sad example of the damage done by Puppy mills… Results to follow….

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