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Customer Testimonial: Shannie

Treatibles large CBD Chews

Here's a great testimonial from our customer Shannie and her mom. 


My little rescue girl, Shannie had been having more frequent bouts of arthritis. Her age is "vague" but she is over 10.

Normally a happy little girl who loved to run and play with her adopted brother Leo, she cried and refused to move. Her tummy was hard as she tensed all the time from pain. Leo the Mini Poodle (both are rescues) wouldn't go near her. Wouldn't sleep in bed with her or anything..her pain terrified him. They are once again cuddle buddies.

I had her on a well known Rx for pain - but I was terrified I was going to ruin her liver.

A good friend told me about the Treatibles CBD Oil. I started Shannie on it 5 days ago. The first day showed a marked improvement. Today she is a happy, ACTIVE little girl.

She gets 2mg--directly in her mouth. I don't bother putting it on a treat or anything. She doesn't mind in the least.

Thank you, Treatibles.

- Shannie and her Mom!!



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