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Customer Testimonial: Ryan K.

Treatibles for senior dogs

"I picked up some CBD dog treats from Treatibles for my best friend! He is a 25lb, 15 year old miniature schnauzer.

"The past two years he has shown some signs of dementia. He paces around the house a lot and seems a tad confused at times... He doesn't seem to have much pain, despite being diagnosed with bone cancer a year ago, but that hasn't stopped him a bit! I realize he won't live to see many more years but while he is still here I wanted to try these treats for him!

"I am a firm believer in the cannabis plant and it is great knowing that my dog can get the same medical benefits that we can through these CBD treats. After two daily, I noticed he wouldn't pace around as much and seemed more comfortable while sitting with me!

"Thank you Treatibles for all you do!"

- Ryan K. 

Thanks for sharing your inspirational story, Ryan! We appreciate hearing it and are so happy Treatibles are helping your adorable mini-schnauzer. 


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