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Customer Testimonial: Grunt

Treatibles for Anxiety in dogs

This beautiful story was provided by our customer, Teresa. We are including it in full as it is a truly inspiring story of a stray dog and loving parent, and how CBD can help to heal old mental and emotional wounds. 

"Two years ago I spent 3 months in a field trying to catch a severely abused boxer who was tossed out like trash. Once I was able to guide him home with the help of another stray dog I own, it took nearly 3 more months to get to put my arms around him. 

"Grunt suffers from PTSD, OCD, and anxiety. He is scared of literally everything, yes even shadows. I've struggled, adjusted my life, my family's life, and my other pets' lives to help Grunt adjust. For 2 years it has been very minor successes that equal leaps and bounds.

"After about a year of sleeping in bed with me, he finally stopped having bad dreams. Some dreams were so bad he would wet himself. There were so many sleepless nights, especially during storms, thunder, lightning, and even rain scare him. He has a thunder shirt, and I wrap him up like a caterpillar in a cocoon, and stay right by his side through it all.

"He's scared of people, other large dogs, loud noises, bright lights, shadows, and even certain smells. He runs and hides and shakes until he's dizzy. Our lives focus on him now and making him as comfortable and as unstressed as he possibly can be. Strangers are not allowed in his area because he is too scared. I usually let him come to them in his time, which takes days and sometimes even weeks.

"He's learned I won't hurt him, I don't even raise my voice around him, I've learned to lead a low-key lifestyle. However, after moving this past April, Grunt hasn't seemed like he's made even the slightly progress from where he has been for over a year. I have been looking for alternatives to chemicals, because I feel like that is the very very last resort.

"Then about three weeks ago, I saw on Instagram that Mariah from Villalobos posted she got her treats in. I began asking questions, and after talking back and forth I decided to give your treats a try. They came within two business days!

"The blueberry treats are awesome. I gave Grunt two, and within 10 minutes he was so chill I was scared! He, for the very first time in our lives, didn't have a care in the world. There was no flinching from touch, the TV got turned up as loud as I could stand, and he just looked at it and went to sleep! He rested so peacefully that I thought your treats broke my dog! When he woke up he was fine, but the very best sleep we've ever had was because of Treatibles!

"A few days later I gave him one treat, he was kind of calm, but wanted to play outside. He didn't sleep and hard, but he still slept through the night. A few days later I gave him two treats because a stranger was coming over. She came in the backdoor, right into our bedroom, Grunt came to lay beside me, as she sat down within 5 minutes he was sniffing near her and within 10 minutes he was in her lap getting the most cuddles anyone aside from m immediate family has ever given him!

"I don't think I can ever thank you or Mariah enough for what you've done for both me and Grunt. I'm starting to see an actual dog, and not a broken animal. His nerves aren't as bad as they were before the treats. Although I do not give him treats everyday, he can go a few days without getting upset.

"This is a huge success for me, one of the biggest successes since I got to put my arms around him 6 months after I first met him.

"Oh and my other dogs love them too, but not nearly as much as Grunt does! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank YOU, Teresa for sharing your story! Grunt is a gorgeous pup and we are so glad he is feeling and acting more calmly with Treatibles. 


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