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Customer Testimonial: Bella

Bella - Treatibles

This note came from our customer, rraquelcruzz via Instagram. Thanks so much for sharing! 

"I just wanted to thank you guys for your amazing treats. This is my dog Bella and we just started using Treatibles!

"She has really bad back and leg problems and my boyfriend sells these at his dispensary, so we tried them and they work!!

"Thank you so so so much! Bella is running and jumping! If it wasn't for your treats, she would be at the doctors and I would be spending lots of money for medicine.

"These treats are amazing and I tell everyone to buy them for their animals. Thank you so so so so much!!"

That's fantastic, Raquel! We appreciate you letting us know. 


By Amanda, on

Just gave my 65lb pit mix her first dose. Praying it helps her with her pain. She either has disc disease or bad knees. Vets are not sure as of yet. Stopping doggy Vicodin and trying my luck with Treatibles! Fingers crossed.

By Sandra , on

I’m so happy to hear that. My soon to be 9 year old pug Jojo has back leg problems as well. I ordered my first bag today.?

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