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Customer Spotlight: Gracie

Treatibles for seizures

Meet Gracie, our fourth winner of the #MyTreatibles testimonial contest. Life was once quite scary for Gracie and her mom, Joan, as Gracie would randomly experience scary seizures. After finding Treatibles, though, her seizures have almost completely stopped. 

"I would recommend that anyone considering Treatibles, to do it and you won't be sorry," Gracie's mom, Joan says. "I feel like years have been added to my girl's life because of this product."


Treatibles: What was life like for you before you found Treatibles?

Joan G.:  Life before Treatibles was horrible and scary.  Never knew when a seizure would come on her and if she would come out of it OK once a seizure started.

TRT: How did you discover Treatibles?

 JG: I came across Treatibles while searching the internet.  I read all the testimonials and the good reviews and decided to try them.  I didn't want to put her on phenobarbital because of the serious side effects associated with it.

seizures in dogs

TRT: What surprised you about Treatibles?

JG: After about a month I knew they were working as the seizures literally stopped.  She only gets a seizure now about a day or two after she receives her heartworm medicine.  If it wasn't for that she would be seizure free.  She received her heartworm last night and I am trying something a little different this month with the Treatibles so stay tuned and I'll let you know if it works.

TRT: What would you tell someone that is considering Treatibles for their pet?

JG: I would recommend to anyone who has a dog suffering from seizures to try Treatibles. There is absolutely no change to her personality and most importantly, they are helping.

I would recommend that anyone considering Treatibles, to do it and you won't be sorry. I feel like years have been added to my girls life because of this product.

TRT: Thanks so much for sharing, Joan! And best of luck to you and Gracie. 




By Baileys Mom, on

My Bailey is currently on phenobarbital twice a day. She has cluster seizures. She has to be brought out of the seizures by my vet or the emergency vet. I would like to try Treatables, can I give them to her while on the phenobarbital?

By Nicole , on

Michelle, did you try these on your dog yet? Did they work? I’m wondering because I have a Greyhound who is on pheno and on Keppra and he’s having cluster seizures now and I’m desperate for something to work. Just wondering if you ever ffigure out the right dosage and if they worked for your dog.

By Michelle, on

I have a 9.5 year old epileptic retriever. He’s been on meds since he was 1.5 years. He’s always had cluster seizures. Because he has them now every two weeks instead of 4-6 they wanted to increase his med which has made him too sedated. We are decreasing the phenobarbital slowly and weaned him off the Zonisamide completely. Still on Kepra and Bromide. Bought the biscuits but am trying to figure out dosage. Did you give Gracie treats every 4 hours or just once a day? I’m praying the treatibles will help our Trooper and we can slowly wean him off all meds if this works. We’ll see.

By Dennis, on

Please call me I want to place an Order please. 808-967-8528

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