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Customer Spotlight: Deja

Treatibles for Arthritis

Plagued with arthritis in her back and legs, Deja had a tough time getting comfortable, spending long hours pacing back and forth in the house. In the process, she was making her mom anxious.

Seeking a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain medication, they found Treatibles online. Life changed for the better for both of them after that.  

We had a chance recently to speak with this week’s #MyTreatibles testimonial winners, Michelle and Deja, about their journey.


Treatibles: What was life like for you and your family before you found Treatibles?

Michelle M: Before we started using Treatibles life was tough for both Deja & myself. She couldn’t get comfortable (due to arthritis in her back & legs), and just kept pacing all hours of the day & night, limiting much needed sleep for both of us. I knew she was hurting, and wanted to try an alternative medicine rather a prescription pill.

TRT: How did you discover Treatibles?

MM: I did a significant amount of online research regarding CBD oil and dogs.  I’ll admit, I loved the name of the brand first, but more importantly I felt confident in trying them, since they were lab tested.

Treatibles for pain

TRT: What surprised you about Treatibles?

MM: I was surprised that Deja actually liked the treats. She’s the pickiest eater, but it took no effort to have her chowing down Treatibles. I’m happy that Treatibles brought Deja a significant level of peace and comfort to her body, and more normalcy back in our days.

TRT: What would you tell someone that is considering Treatibles for their pet?

MM: I’ve been telling all my family and friends about them, and sharing my bag of Treatibles. I feel they’re a treat worth having on hand in any dog owner’s life. 

From the elderly dog, to the occasionally anxious dog, to the frequent traveling pup, Treatibles are bite size miracles.

TRT: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Michelle! All the best to both you and Deja. 


By Brian, on

Our old girl Dachshund, Karianne, is both blind and deaf. She has an indefatagble determination, but in her later years, has experienced dimential with accompanying day/night confusion as well as some idiopathic pains. She was sleeping 3 hour stretches resulting broken sleep for her and us. It was getting very frustrating until we discovered Treatables. It changed all of our lives for the better. She sleeps through the entire night (and snores too), has much lesspacing behavior, and seems to be out of pain! The treats are wonderful!! Thank you!!

By Kaitie Smalley, on

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for this product! My 11 year old “first born” dog has been experiencing some recent arthritis pain. At his recent vet visit we had some blood work done and saw he had a slight elevation with his kidney function test. As a former vet tech I knew that the normal arthritis medications could make these levels continue to rise and would need constant monitoring. I wanted a better option and through my research found Treatibles. Jasper had instant relief after taking his first dose of doggy magic cookies and I kept thinking that this may be too good to be true. After a few weeks I can honestly say I have a peppy, active 11 year old mutt running around with his younger siblings. I have recommended Treatibles to everyone and we are so happy we found this wonderful product! Thank you!

By Erin Dare, on

Michelle, thank you I am going to look more into Treatibles, I have my most precious 18 yr old love of my life Russel and an excitable Terrier, named Pearl.

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