Customer Spotlight: Dana

Dana E. had a lot of trouble figuring out how to best help her 8-year-old lab, who was afflicted with a fatty tumor and anxiety. Read how she used Treatibles to give her dog relief and comfort. 

Treatibles: What was life like for you and your family before you found Treatibles? What led you to look for a solution?

Dana E.: We thought we were going to put our 8-year-old lab down due to a fatty tumor on his upper left side that was causing him discomfort, especially at night.  He would whine and stopped wagging his tail and barking.  He also has separation anxiety and would chew on his front legs.  We had put him on many doses of antibiotics that were very costly and although they would heal his legs.  He still had anxiety.

TRT: Where did you look for a solution, and how did you discover Treatibles?

DE: One day when discussing this with a co-worker, she asked had I thought about trying Treatibles. She had been using them for her dog that had hip problems, and he was so much happier and could get around without pain.

TRT: What surprised you or made you the most happy about Treatibles?

DE: I love my dogs so much I would try anything, and I didn’t like the alternative.  After just a few weeks, he stated acting like his old self again. He was wagging his tail, barking and has happiness in his eyes.  His tumor has shrunk to be smaller and he no longer whined in discomfort.  He lays on it without any notice at all.  His legs have healed and he is not chewing them from anxiety.  Everything about Treatibles makes me happy.  If my animals are happy, I am happy.

TRT: What would you tell someone that is considering Treatibles for their pet?

DE: I have recommended Treatibles to several of my fellow pet owners. I have a friend that also has a dog with a fatty tumor and whimpers and I recommended to her.  Several dog breeders I know, I have given them the brochure that comes with each order to spread the word.  My dog loves both flavors and has never turned his nose to Treatibles.  My dog loves them and is a happier, healthier dog due to Treatibles.

TRT: Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!



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