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Customer Spotlight: Black Forest Cake

Treatibles are for cats too

Sasha B. and her cat Black Forest Cake were at the end of their rope until they found Treatibles. Here’s what she had to say about their experience with our chews and how they changed Black Forest Cake’s life.

Treatibles: What was life like for you and your family before you found Treatibles? What led you to look for a solution?

Sasha B: My cat Black Forest Cake had an extremely bad case of stomatitis. Despite tooth removal, she still had ulcers and developed a large ulcer on her tongue. This is an extremely painful condition. To keep the pain in check necessitates two meds (butorphanol and tramadol) twice a day and they only partly controlled the pain. The constant medicating was also stressing her out. Her mouth was so bad she didn't even want to drink water and I had to give her SQ fluids. I felt if I couldn't find a way to manage the pain, we would have to put her down. She is only 5.

TRT: Where did you look for a solution, and how did you discover Treatibles? What convinced you to give Treatibles a try?

SB:  I knew about cannabinoid products and had tried one called Cannapet, but it had no effect at all. I began looking at each company which produced a cannabis pet product. I chose Treatibles because they test every batch to guarantee that you are getting what you should. Most places have no quality control.

When I sent questions to the Treatibles team they answered promptly and provided me with links to valid health sites like the NIH for information about cannabinoids. I am a science person - I like facts, I like data. I was willing to try anything for my girl but I wanted to find the best source I could. The information provided, their willingness to send me a sample so I could test it, and their quality control convinced me this was the place to purchase from.


Treatibles for cats

TRT: What surprised you or made you the most happy about Treatibles?

SB: I hoped for some pain relief, but I got far more than I hoped for. I had expected for her to need fewer other pain meds - in fact, she needs almost no other pain meds as long as she gets a half chew a day. 

She would show pain very obviously - jaw chattering, drooling, pawing at her mouth, staying hunched up, and not wanting to eat or drink. I could not touch anywhere near her mouth.

Just one dose of Treatibles showed a big difference. The second day she improved more. Also, the lack of stress from trying to give her the other meds helped her, too. She stopped being so suspicious of anything I was holding.

By day three I could open her mouth to examine it.  This was impossible before. She showed no drooling, chattering, pawing, hunching or hiding. The only times I have had to give her extra meds are when I have gotten off schedule because of being ill myself. I had to give her a shot to make her feel well enough to eat the Treatibles in her food. Then we were back on track.

TRT: What would you tell someone that is considering Treatibles for their pet?

SB: I would definitely recommend Treatibles for pain control for any chronic situation. I find it is less stressful to give, since she eats it in her food, and is highly effective. I would specifically recommend Treatibles over another cannabis [pet] company because of their quality control, and their willingness to answer questions is a big plus, too.

TRT: Thanks so much for sharing your story!



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