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Haunted by fear, anxiety, and overreactions to thunderstorms and strangers, Shelby had a rough start that many parents with pups rescued from local shelters will recognize. Read how Shelby’s mom, Sharon N. found a way to help her fuzzy friend out of the scardy zone.   

Treatibles: What was life like for you and your family before you found Treatibles? What led you to look for a solution?

Sharon N: We adopted Shelby, a 4 month old mix breed puppy from a local rescue group. Shelby had a broken hind leg, requiring 2 months of activity restrictions. During this time of healing, she missed out on the opportunity to begin socialization and training. Once she had healed and was allowed to play, it became increasingly apparent that she had extreme anxiety, fear, and reactivity to people, animals, and noises. During the day she would pace and bark constantly and was unable to settle until crated at bedtime.

TRT: Where did you look for a solution, and how did you discover Treatibles?

SN: We immediately enrolled in a basic manners obedience class, tried environmental modifications, tried a calming shirt, tried other brands of calming chews with no success. We signed up for a second round of behavior training and doggie daycare. Our dog trainer recommended that we give Treatibles a try. I was skeptical at first as nothing else had helped. We began teaching her to “settle” after giving her Treatibles. To our surprise, it worked! After one week, she began to settle in the evening on command without Treatibles!  Breakthrough!!

TRT: What surprised you or made you the most happy about Treatibles?

SN: Thanks to Treatibles, we are seeing improved focus and impulse control which is allowing her to learn commands, house manners, and leash walking. We give her Treatibles before thunderstorms, as well.  She would calm after about 30 minutes paying no attention to the thunder.    

After a couple of months, she has learned that thunderstorms aren't so bad after all, and we no longer need to give them to her for storms either!  Breakthrough 2!

We were hopeful for any results but we are beyond thrilled with the results we have seen thus far. We still have lots of issues to address, but feel we are slowly starting to break through to her issues. We know with continued persistence, consistency and Treatibles, we will be able to minimize her reactivity, anxiety and fears even more.

We have adjusted the dosage and found that we only need 2/3 of the recommended dosage to be effective.

TRT: What would you tell someone that is considering Treatibles for their pet?

SN: We are so thrilled that we now have happier, loving, calmer, and more balanced puppy! Will definitely recommend to anyone that has a dog with anxiety or reactivity issues. We have seen absolutely zero negative side effects or adverse reactions.

Thank you Treatibles for helping us and our baby!

Thank you for sharing you story! We are so happy to hear Treatibles had been able to help.




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