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Treatibles Featured in Pet Food Safety Article

Treatibles Featured in Pet Food Safety Article

are treatibles safe for my dog recently published an article discussing practices used by the pet food industry to ensure the safety of the end product--and thereby, the safety of the animals who consume it. Treatibles and our founder, Julianna Carella, were mentioned in the article.

“Relatively new innovations in the canine culinary world are products that contain cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid purported to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits,” writes author and food safety expert, Linda L. Leake, MS.

She mentions that Treatibles is one of the first of a few firms making pet treats that include CBD.

“We started developing Treatibles in 2013,” Carella relates. “Many of the cannabis patients using our edible products began to ask about products for their pets, and so began the research and development of Treatibles.”

The article then states that while Treatibles voluntarily lists its ingredients and lab analysis results, including precise CBD content in milligrams, this is not a standard or required practice given the regulations.

treatibles in food safety article

“Prior to us incorporating it into recipes,” Julianna is quoted in the article, Treatibles lab, CW Analytical, “tests the raw material for purity, exact cannabinoid levels, and to make sure it is free of pesticides, contaminants, and molds… They also test for exact amounts of CBD and THC on the finished treats to determine cannabinoid levels present and ensure there is the amount of CBD levels we want and that there is virtually no THC.”

Most CBD pet treats competitors do not provide this information for their customers.

“We do guaranteed analysis testing at a pet food laboratory and these results are printed on all our product packaging,” Carella adds. “Many veterinarians are using the product in their practices to calm animals as they wait in the waiting room for their appointments… Dog trainers, behaviorists, groomers, and animal communicators also use the product with their clients.”

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