Customer Testimonial: Rockie

CBD pet treats

This inspiring story comes from our customer, Debra.  

"We started our journey with Treatibles because of a rescue pit bull.  She has severe anxiety when it comes to loud noises.

"Little did we know that Treatibles would become a bigger part of our lives with our chihuahua, Rockie. Rockie was 15 years old. He was diagnosed shortly after we started Bella on Treatibles with stage 5 congestive heart failure, a stage 5 heart murmur and end stage COPD brought on by the heart failure. There was nothing that could be done but to keep him comfortable. He also had severe arthritis in his back and back legs and hips.  

"After reading others testimonies on the website we decided to try giving Rockie the Treatibles. We started with the treats and in the last weeks had switched over to the liquid drops. Though Treatibles was not a cure for all that ailed him, it did bring him a great measure of comfort.  It controlled his pain and on good days would even put some pep in his step.

"It took the edge off for him and helped with the excessive coughing.  On his last day with us it helped him remain calm until he was called home.  We continue to use your product for Bella and occasionally for Lexie and Shiloh when they need it.

"I have personally recommended the product to over 5,000 people on my Facebook page and any time I see someone speaking of a problem with their furbaby I think Treatibles may help, I again spread the word.  

Thank you for all that you do.  My only suggestion is the flavors lol.  Takes some coaxing to get my furbabies to eat pumpkin and blueberry.  Now steak, eggs, cheese they would be for!

"This photo of Rockie was taken a month before he took a turn for the worse and 3 months before he passed away." 

Thanks so much for sharing, Debra. All the best to you and your family.