“Just after Bernie’s first birthday, he had his first grand mal seizure. After visits with several vets and specialists, we hesitantly put him on the recommended potassium bromide. Changes in his behavior and a lack of improvement in his condition quickly led us to seek out other options.

In researching cannabinoids for pets, we came across Treatibles and a few other Companies. After trying out a few options, and even having products lab tested, we quickly came to the conclusion that Treatibles had the best product on the market.

The customer service team helped us in figuring out his required dosage and answered all of our questions. Their professionalism, care, and knowledge assured us we came to the right place.

A year later, Bernie’s condition has greatly improved. He’s back to his normal self and his seizures are now few and far between, and noticeably less severe. Seeing the improvement in his quality of life makes us and our sweet Bernie extremely thankful for the team at Treatibles!”


- Anthony Georgiadis