Honoring Gabe, a friend of the Treatibles family

We received word this morning that Gabe, the beloved fur baby of our friend John, passed away.

Gabe was an amazing dog. He began as a skinny starving hound mutt that no one wanted and became the dog everyone who met him wished they had.

Here is Gabe's story, in John’s own words:

“Gabe was at our local shelter 10 years ago. Our shelter has been completely and totally reformed, but at the time the workers were a cruel and terrible group. Gabe had been scheduled to die and they had stopped feeding him. A starving dog is hard to get adopted. I just happened to see his beautiful face on the county website with the word URGENT listed directly below. Something said to me,”rescue him.” I had no room in my home for him so I put him up at a helpful local kennel and bought him bags of food and treats at a time when I didn’t really have the money. I introduced him to my mother and an amazing friendship began. Gabe was a fantastic companion for my mother and went on to work with her as an effective fundraiser for Paws Ability animal rescue in Ocean Isle Beach NC. He became quite famous having appeared in the local paper dozens of times and raised thousands of dollars with his story.”

John also shared that Gabe had had several surgeries on his foot and there was clear evidence of inflammation and severe discomfort.

“The evidence of his relief and comfort because of Treatibles was obvious and consistent. Gabe’s success with Treatibles made for a fantastic opportunity for a living testimonial for the effectiveness of Treatibles.”

From Jane, John’s mom who became Gabe’s mama:

“When Gabe came to me he was afraid of everyone. It took him 6 month to go to next door neighbor. As time went on, he became the first mascot for Paws Ability, Greeting people at parties and local car shows and all sorts of events. When surgery became necessary for his ongoing foot problems, we started him on Treatibles 3 weeks before.  It was evident that he healed very quickly, and had little discomfort.  Also I felt he was much more comfortable leading up to the end of his time with us. On Monday that week, he looked at me and I knew it was time. He seemed to have considerable pain only at the very end. I miss him a great deal, he was so much in control of my life. He talked me into going to lots if places I probably never would have been. Paws Ability has honored him with foundation in his name, called Gabe’s Hounds.  It helps with financing adopting a Hound, who are usually in poor condition. They are only used for hunting and thrown away. That was Gabe’s history, and how he ended up in a shelter. Thank you so much for honoring him by hearing his story.

Gabe was surely welcomed with love as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.